Pinsa Romana Crust

Pinsarella Flour Mix

Exclusive Flour Blend for Pinsa Roman Crust

Our special blend of flour for pinsa romana

Make Your Life Easy and Buy The Ready Pinsa Mix from Pinsarella


  • Quality grains
  • The right combination of wheat, rice, soy, and dried sourdough.
  • Low calories and low-fat content
  • Lower gluten content
  • Vegan
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors
  • Your crust will be Highly digestible, light, healthy and DELICIOUS
  • Bag Weight 55 Pounds


  • The Pinsa dough is highly hydrated (80% water) so it will stick to any surface
  • Put La Croccantina in a rectangular basket and the Pinsa dough on top to hand stretch it to its typical oval shape.
  • The dough will not stick to the surface, but it will also not absorb the flour.
  • DO NOT use other flours to stretch the Pinsa dough. It will change its characteristics.
  • Bag Weight 11 Pounds

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Why Choose Us

High Quality

Vegan, Natural, Healthy, Low in Calories and in Fats. Crunchy Outside and Soft inside

Save Money

With Pinsarella Flour Mix You Use More Water and Less Flour.

Versatile Product

Pinsa Romana is perfect both as pizza and as an Aperitif to dip in sauces and olive oil

Easy & Fast to Prepare

Our Crust are Topping Ready. We will Train and Support You to Make Roman Pinsa Using Our Flour

The Best Pizza Flour

What Sets us Apart

Our crust is made using our exclusive Pinsarella flour blend. Four different grains blended to make a unique healthy and DELICIOUS crust.  Our oven ready Pinsa solution uses this crust and adds authentic toppings to it.

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