Pizza is one of the most famous food in the world. And while it originated in Italy, there have
been countless pizza recipes that aim to provide a brand-new flavor and experience to the
renowned comfort food. To give you a better idea, here are some of the most popular pizza
recipes in the world that you can get whenever you need to get some of the best pizza supplies

Roman Style Pizza

While both pizza styles originated in Italy, the Roman style pizza is also considered to be one of
the world’s favorite pizza styles. Unlike Pizza Napoletana, Roman style pizza features a thin,
crumbly, and crunchy crust made using soft wheat flour, yeast, water, salt, and some olive oil. To make
the crust crunchy, Roman style pizza is baked for longer as compared to the soft and fluffy crust
of Pizza Napoletana.

Pizza Napoletana

When it comes to authentic pizza flavors, you can never go wrong with Italian pizza. The Pizza
Napoletana is one of the most famous Italian pizza flavors and has been listed as part of
UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. An authentic Pizza Napoletana is made using a
dough that uses wheat, flour, yeast, salt, and water that has been left to proof and rise for a day.
The result is a unique dough is characterized by a soft and elastic interior with a tall and fluffy
crust on the sides when cooked.

Chicago Style Pizza

The Chicago-style pizza features a unique deep-dish pie instead of the typical flat crust. This
type of pizza recipe uses a notably thick layer of dough that is set on a deep round pan. The
dough needs to be parbaked in order to create the walls of the deep-dish pizza pie. Once ready, the deep
dish is filled with a variety of meat toppings and sauce before topped with cheese and set to bake
completely and create the renowned stuffed pizza variation.

Korean Bulgogi Pizza

With the rise of Korean culture or the so-called Hallyu wave, more and more people are getting
exposed to the unique food varieties in the country. Like any pizza variety, Korean Bulgogi pizza
uses meat and vegetables but typically includes sweet elements in its sauce and flavor, such as
corn kernels and a bulgogi-style sauce.

New York Style Pizza

When we talk about comfort food, nothing beats the classic greasy New York style pizza that
you can find almost anywhere for cheap. This style of pizza features a notably large crust
topped with a combination of tomato sauce and cheese on top. Other ingredients can be
included, but the tomato sauce and cheese combination is a staple.


Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular recipes in the world today. Considering its highly
versatile recipe, there is no wonder different countries and cultures are creating their own
versions of pizza to make it fit their own taste and flavor. And while some recipes might not look
as appetizing, you can never truly say how it is exactly if you haven’t given it a chance yet.
Hopefully, this article gave you enough information about the best pizza styles and flavors to try
on your next delivery.