Pinsa Romana Crust

Pinsa Romana Crust

Pre Baked Pizza Crusts. Vegan, Healthy but Delicious.
Add Any Toppings and Make Your Customers Happy!


Grow Your Business With Us

  • Pinsarella Crust is ideal to prepare delicious appetizers
  • Use it as a healthy alternative to bread to dip in olive oil when welcoming your customers
  • Transform the crust into the pizza of your customer’s dream in just 5 minutes
  • No need for a professional brick oven Pizza or Master Pizzaiolo
  • Use our Panini sorriso to prepare delicious and easy to make panini
  • Reinforce your brand as innovator with a product that is healthy AND delicious.
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We Provide Pinsa Romana Consulting, Training and School. Our Crusts are handmade and baked by Professional Pinsa Chefs, trained and certified by “Associazione Autentica Pinsa Romana”

Pinsa Romana America

What Makes Our Crust Different

  • Pinsarella Crust is made using our exclusive Pinsarella flour mix.
  • High quality wheat, rice, soy and sourdough wheat are used to make a crust that is crunchy outside and soft inside.
  • High level of hydration (80%), long process of fermentation (up to 72 hours) and the unique
  • Pinsarella flour mix makes our crusts highly digestible, light but also Delicious.
  • Low calories, low-fat content, Vegan, low gluten content.
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors

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Roman Pinsa Crust

Pinsa Romana

Oval Shape

Pre baked classic roman pizza crust ready for topping, shelf life 10 days in the refrigerator, can be frozen up to one year.

Pinsa Romana

Round Shape

Pre baked roman pizza crust ready for topping, shelf life 10 days in the refrigerator, can be frozen up to one year.

Panino Sorriso

Shell Shape for Sandwich

Pre baked roman style bread shells, shelf life 10 days in the refrigerator, can be frozen up to one year.

Roman Pinsa Crust

Versatility for Your Business

Simplify your business process and reduce cost with Pinsarella Solution. Jump into a trend of healthy food with our par baked roman pizza crust.  No Need for a Master Pizzaiolo.

Authentic Flavor

Healty Food

Versatile Recipes

Vegan Ok

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