Pinsa Romana Crust


Pinsa Romana

A lighter, healthier version of our authentic Italian Pizza, with a crust crunchy outside and soft inside. 


The Perfect Crust For Your Business

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Why You Should Use Our Crusts

The Pinsa Romana Advantage

We make the perfect par baked crust for your business:
Our Par Baked Pinsa Crust solution for Professionals is the is the perfect choice for any food business, such as restaurants, deli, sports bar, pizzerie, entertainment venues, hospitality sector, supermarket and grocery stores.

Prebaked, you only add the toppings of customer choice.

Great as appetizer to dip in oil.

Delicious and healthy alternative to the traditional pizza.

Save time and money with a pre baked crust ready for you.

No need to invest in a professional brick oven Pizza

 No need for a Master Pizzaiolo

No need to wait for the dough to be ready.

Steady quality of a delicious and healthy product

autentica pinsa romana

Authentic Pinsa Romana Association

We Provide Pinsa Romana Consulting, Training and School.
Pinsarella is also a proud member and Sponsor of the Autentica Pinsa Romana Association.
The scope of the association is to promote and protect the Authentic Pinsa Romana by educating the Food industry about the ingredients and techniques to produce an authentic Pinsa Romana. 


Pinsa Romana Blends

Pinsa is an ancient roman pizza

Exclusive flour blends to bake the perfect pinsa, Roman style. Our flour blends can also be used to make buns, bread, and other awesome creations. 

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Unlock the full potential of your pizzas with our premium quality pizza bases! Made with only the finest ingredients and expertly crafted, our bases deliver a crisp and irresistible crust every time. Give your customers the ultimate pizza experience and take your restaurant to the next level. Get in touch with us now to learn more! Simply leave your contact information to receive exclusive offers and the opportunity to speak with one of our dedicated sales representatives. Try us today and taste the difference for yourself with a complimentary sample pack!

 We also provide business consulting, and staff training  for restaurants and pizzerie. Contact us now to find out More.   the perfect choice for any food business, such as restaurants, deli, sports bar, entertainment venues, hospitality sector, supermarket and grocery stores. 


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Pinsa Romana - Roman Pizza Crusts for Professionals

Original Handmade Pinsa: the Real Roman Pizza Crust. Pre baked in Professional Stone Ovens. Copyright ©2023 Pinsa Romana Crust
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